Weight Loss Workout Mistakes To Avoid

When it comes to weight loss, some people just have a harder time grasping what works for them. Perhaps you’ve tried every fitness routine out there but still can’t quite achieve your goals. This can be very frustrating and confusing, but making your weight loss routine an effective one might require a review. There are common mistakes and misconceptions people make when on a new workout plan. If yours isn’t yielding any results, check to see which of these you might be guilty of and learn how you can fix them.

Too much cardio

How much cardio is too much cardio? Running, boxing, swimming and cycling are some of the most popular cardio workouts and they’re easy to pick up for beginners. However, while these types of exercises are real fat-burners, strength training can benefit your weight loss plan too. What strength training does is stimulate muscle growth, raising your metabolic rate and resulting in burning fat at a more rapid pace. Your fitness schedule should have a good balance of aerobic, strength, and flexibility training. Not only will these make you lose weight, but will keep your whole body fit and healthy. If you’re pressed for time, high-intensity interval training (HIIT) or circuit training that combines strength and cardio could work for you. Just make sure to finish with some stretching for flexibility training as well to help avoid injury.

Too much of the same thing

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If you want to lose weight fast, you should do double time at the gym, right? Not really. There’s nothing wrong with working out every day, but the same routine every day for the whole week could be a block more than a stepping stone to reaching your goal. What you could end up with is a workout rut or fitness plateau, which is what many exercisers dread. What you can do is develop your workout intensity and duration over time. If your preferred form of exercise is walking 40 minutes a day, add 20 minutes to that after two or three days. HIIT is also a great way to add variety to your routine. Remember to take a break as well. Let your muscles repair or else you’ll be faced with injury, insomnia, irritability and other serious health conditions.

Eating more because you exercise more

After a particularly tough workout session, it seems fair to grab a greasy burger for dinner or treat yourself to a giant bowl of pasta. While your body may be adjusting to your routine, you can’t stick to that reason all the time. Slimming down means more than just exercise. You should be just as serious about a balanced diet as you are with maintaining an effective fitness routine. What you could end up with is replacing the calories you eat with all the calories you just burned, rendering your weight loss workout useless. To make sure you’re eating enough and eating right, consult a professional trainer or get a metabolic test to figure out how to properly increase your food intake to go with your new workout plan.