Postural Analysis


Posture is defined as: “The position from which movement begins and ends.”

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Poor posture not only takes away from looking and feeling good, it compromises how we are designed to function, eventually leading to pain and/or injury. Most people have poor posture due to several different contributors, such as working in environments that force us to sit too much, performing repetitive tasks with poor form, dysfunctional breathing, emotional disorders and even developmental dysfunctions evolved through childhood.

What is the Ideal Posture?

Ideal posture is the state of muscular and skeletal balance, which protects the supporting structures of the body against injury or progressive deformity, whether you are moving or not? It is during this state of ideal posture that the muscles will function most efficiently. In an ideal posture, imagine a line extending down the side of your body that should run through the ear lobe, transect the shoulder, hip, knee joints and land just in front of the ankle bone

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