Affirmations To Get You Through Weight Loss

Affirmations To Get You Through Weight Loss

Affirmations are positive messages you give yourself and are intended to help you achieve your goals. This technique can be effective for some people, particularly when it comes to the complex journey towards losing weight. This kind of positive reinforcement has been proven to dramatically influence behavior, according to research.

Daily affirmations can help in breaking habits and decreasing stress, which are huge factors when it comes to weight loss. Another obstacle is having no confidence or motivation, but these affirmations can allow you to focus on progress, build up determination and overcome any setbacks.

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An important part of committing to a weight loss program is repetition. This is key in forming new habitual behaviour patterns. When you’re hitting a slump or tempted to overeat, the constant repetition of these affirmations will eventually become an automatic response to make more proactive choices.

“I accept myself, my body shape, and the beauty I hold.”

Self-acceptance takes a while to achieve, but is a fundamental part of any body transformation. Know and study your needs versus your wants, your strengths versus your weaknesses, and what you can and cannot control. Re-frame the negative talk and develop kindness towards yourself and your body.

“I appreciate that I’m making the decision to make a change.”

The first step is usually the most difficult to take, especially when it involves change. Not only will you be transforming your body, but your mind as well. Maybe it’s taken you a while to make this decision. Be grateful you’ve made it.

“I let go of any guilt around my eating habits.”

We’re quick to call some of our favourite foods “guilty pleasures.” While it starts out as a casual comment, this leads to feelings of shame surrounding eating. Be grateful for the food you have access to and can partake in.

“Dieting is about making healthy and satisfying food choices.”

Food nourishes not only the body, but the soul. The “healthier option” doesn’t have to be the boring option. Be diligent in reading nutritional facts as well as seeking out flavoursome meals that are good for your body.

“I say yes to taking care of myself.”

This journey to weight loss should not be about pain. It can become overwhelming–any sort of change is–and it’s tempting to resume old patterns that may not be good for you. Remind yourself that this is a form of self-love.

“I deserve better and will create better.”

You’re worth helping. You’re worth the sweat, blood, and tears.

“I can and I will.”

Even just thinking that the impossible can be possible can do wonders. Take it step by step. Specific visualizations can be helpful too. “I can walk 5,000 steps today and I will.”

“I make time.”

A quick way to put off exercise or healthy food preparation is making the excuse that you simply don’t have the time. Change that perspective to “I make the time.”

“I have the energy.”

“I’m too tired,” you tell yourself after a long day. You may find you’re more resilient than you know.

“When I come across a setback, it is a bump on the road, not the end of it.”

Everybody stumbles on the road to change. When all feels lost, look back at where you’ve come from. Even taking that first step was a huge achievement. Let that propel you onwards.

“I am grateful for everything my body does for me.”

At the end of the day, no matter the state of our bodies, we’re afforded so many abilities and privileges. It’s a momentous thing to be thankful for.