21 Recommendations for Health and Well-Beinq

21 Recommendations for Health and Well-Beinq

1. Fresh air…

2. Sunshine (without sunscreen) — find out how much is right for you.

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3. Clean water… many good filter products on the market these days. 0.03 Litres/1kg Body Weight

4. Approx. 30 minutes of exercise each day (walking, swimming, yoga)

5. Organic food, where possible. Avoid products with chemicals, preservatives, artificial colouring and flavouring. Avoid microwaves where possible.

6. Sea salt … unrefined… full of minerals (avoid the bleached variety, i.e. regular table salt)

7. Pure personal products (avoid any with propylene glycol, parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate). Check labels carefully.

8. Avoid commercial perfumes and colognes

9. Use environmentally-friendly cleaning products

10. Holistic dentistry (where possible, avoid root canals, have mercury removed… safely)

11. Have regular massage… a great way to detox

12. Keep mobile and cordless phone use to a minimum… and/or get EMR-protection products, i.e. Earth Calm

13. Keep your energy field clear (living by the ocean, or walks in the forest, and energy healing)

14. Basic knowledge of feng shui

16. Choose harmonious relationships… those that are nurturing … people who resonate with who you are

17. Honour your own biological rhythm

18. Find a vocation that reflects your innate gifts and talents

19. Find what represents beauty and pleasure for you and apply to your life daily

20. Discover what gives your life meaning and purpose

21. Express gratitude on a daily basis